U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. George : Suspension of the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program

“My office’s worst fears have been realized as we learned the Epstein Estate will not make its currently owed payment to the fund it claimed to have set up to compensate sexual abuse survivors and victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

The Estate has found its way to pay for lawyers, landscaping, and helicopter fees, but not the brave women who have stepped forward to participate in the compensation fund. It is, unconscionably, another promise made and broken by Epstein and now, his Estate.

The Attorney General’s Office has consistently and promptly released funds from its criminal activity liens to support the operations and awards of the fund. It was unaware of this default until, after repeated requests by the victim program Administrator, the Estate yesterday claimed that it could not make its agreed-to payment and did not know when it could make a payment.

The Estate breached its agreement, entered into with the Government of the Virgin Islands and counsel for victims, and approved by the Probate Court of the U.S. Virgin Islands. This morning, my office filed an emergency motion with the Probate Court requesting it also suspend all payments and sales of assets by the Co-Executors so that steps can be taken to preserve and protect the Estate’s assets and prevent an event like this from recurring.

The program can be viewed Here

February 4, 2021
Sandra Goomansingh
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