Press Releases

V.I. Attorney General Opposes Epstein Estate Demand for Broad Release of Parties Involved in Victim Abuse

When the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands filed a civil enforcement action under the Virgin Islands Criminally Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act against the Epstein Estate and six other related companies based in the Virgin Islands in January 2020, the Attorney General’s Office committed to advocate for the women and girls victimized by Epstein in the Virgin Islands while representing the Government’s interest.

V.I. Department Of Justice Paternity And Child Support Offices Provides Limited In-Person Services

THOMAS, V.I. – Atty General Denise George reminds the general public that in light of COVID-19 (coronavirus), measures have been put in place to safeguard the public and DOJ employees from potential exposure. The Paternity and Child Support Division (PCSD) has implemented a response protocol to prevent the exponential spread of this novel virus.

Virgin Islands Department Of Justice Facilities Closed To The Public

DOJ facilities on both St. Thomas and St. Croix are closed to the public and will not conduct person to person services until further notice. Department of Justice’s four facilities that will be closed include the Office of the Attorney General located at the GERS Building, 2nd floor in St. Thomas and #213 Estate La Reine St. Croix, the Division of Paternity and Child Support located on the 2nd floor of Nisky Shopping Center, St. Thomas and #3018 Estate Orange Grove, St. Croix.